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Tutorial preview: Master isometric type

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Magazine previews, by Adam Smith

Create beautiful isometric typography from scratch using Photoshop

This tutorial is dedicated to all type-lovers who are looking to expand their knowledge in creating three-dimensional lettering without using a 3D program or any advanced feature at all.

Here you’ll learn how to achieve this from scratch, without any pre-made resources. While following this tutorial, you’ll explore the process of creating a custom, surreal, typographic piece that’s emerging from a typewriter in the form of a paper roll.

This is a good opportunity for you to broaden your skills in creating isometric shapes, which can be a great benefit when you approach similar tasks. You won’t be given any shortcuts for extruding the objects, because we want to keep every object as flexible as possible.

Although this effect can be almost completely replicated in Illustrator, Photoshop will provide better control when we begin correcting colour, adding textures and applying other blending options.

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Tutorial preview: Master isometric type