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Tutorial preview: How To Use Vector Layers in CS6

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Magazine previews, by Adam Smith

Use CS6’s new Stroke and Fill settings and vector shape tools to create a vibrant illustration

Photoshop CS6 has introduced some really exciting features, but one of the ones that has got us excited is the introduction of vector layers and their related tools.

While this isn’t going to replace Illustrator for those of you that use it, if you want intuitively simple shapes that you can build into graphical projects, then Photoshop will do a great job without having to delve into any other software packages.

Unlike previous versions, we now have the option to do things like create and resize vectors without degrading the quality and add strokes and fills to shapes in seconds.

In this tutorial, we are going to be looking at how to use the new vector tools, as well as throwing in a few tips for using some of CS6’s other great features. We will be building an infographic-style illustration, using a combination of shapes created purely in Photoshop, lines and photo stock, transformed into shapes with the Pen tool.

You will need to collect together a bunch of stock images before you begin that fit your theme, but the techniques in this tutorial are the same regardless of the images that you choose to use.

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Tutorial preview: How To Use Vector Layers in CS6