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Tutorial preview: Head to head

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Magazine previews, by Adam Smith

To professional digital artists go head to head, creating fashion inspired images

Our always-popular head to head series is back and this time we’re exploring fashion illustration.

We supplied our artists with a mock brief and image file 24008961, asking them to create exciting and commercial-looking design based on youth fashion. This topic promises much in the way of colour, vibrancy and cool styling.

Both our artists have a distinct method of creation; one working with a modern pop art look, the other highly charged photomanipulation, so we were excited to see how each approached the brief.

International illustrator Simeon Elson ( looked to customise the reference model’s existing attire to fit the theme. “When I think of youth fashion I think of swagger and bright graphics,” he reveals. “I looked to change the bland jacket into a cool ripped-sleeved denim style, alter the style of her T-shirt and add cool highlights to her hair.”

Art director Radim Malinic ( looked to change the model less and her environment more, into something that would vie for your attention. “The arrival of Photoshop has enabled art directors and photographers to expand on their ideas with limitless options, constantly transforming ideas into reality,” he explains. “In my tutorial, you can turn an image into something you would find hard to miss on a billboard or a magazine spread.”

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Tutorial preview: Head to head