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Tutorial preview: Expert compositing

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Magazine previews, by Anna-lisa Saywell

Follow Photoshop methods and techniques for designing fashion-based illustration

Tutorial preview: Expert compositing

Fashion illustration can take many forms. You can easily take regular photos and use these to add in your own design. Digital artists can use brushes, textures, scanned handmade drawings and royalty free stock to invent vibrant images. The techniques used in this tutorial can be applied in nearly all versions of Photoshop, which gives you plenty of possibilities for fast editing as you adjust colour and light. Most of the work is done with layers, colour adjustments, blending modes, selections, painting and layer styles.

You’ll also need a pen tablet and scanner if you’re planning on building your own image. If not, then it is advisable to prepare drawings, however there are some additional images available for the objects along with other stock images. Nature and floral elements were the main inspiration for this illustration. The goal is to achieve a romantic, feminine mood where the beauty of the model is highlighted. Prepared material, as well as the steps below, will leave you with enough skills to revisit and adapt the image to your own liking.

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