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Tutorial preview: Create perspective

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Magazine previews, by Julie Bassett

Learn how to create interesting perspective through composition mixing painting and matte-painting techniques

In a world full of wars and misery, fantasy and sci-fi landscapes enable us to travel to parallel realities, making us dream beyond boundaries. The concept we wanted to go for with this image was a sky city, built around a main mothership and with an interesting circular perspective. The aim was to achieve a great sense of depth and bring in some action by painting some sort of chasing scene and showing the city daily routine, getting an overall busy mood.

If this is your first time painting spaceships of this kind, it may be best to test out some of your ideas by sketching, before beginning the tutorial. Here we’ve decided utilise them in a mix of digital and matte painting.

To be able to follow this tutorial, you need a good knowledge of Photoshop tools, and also a tablet for the painting work. In addition, you can check some stock websites such as for the stock images used in the clouds.

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Tutorial preview: Create perspective