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Tutorial preview: Build Infographics in CS6

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Magazine previews, by Adam Smith

Create exciting styles using new tools in the latest version of Photoshop

Information graphics, or infographics, are visual representations of information, data or expert knowledge.

Styles for these pieces vary, but are usually inspired by the topics presented, which is the case with this example.

In our tutorial we show you how to create your very own infographic, using an example displaying how our Facebook community uses Photoshop. This means we’re giving our graphic design a digital style, inspired by futuristic looks seen in web design, cinema and the design industry.

In keeping with the futuristic theme we also explore how new Photoshop CS6 tools can be used to augment this digital style. We show you how to apply and edit the new Shape tool options, used to create and improve your infographic bar and dial charts. We also take a look at basic yet effective ways to add 3D looks to your designs, by applying new 3D Extrusion functionality.

Old favourite Photoshop tools also make an appearance, helping you express the impact of your special effects. Blending modes, layer masks, Smart Object layers and a bundle of layer styles make it all possible. By the end of this tutorial you’ll have added a few more awesome Photoshop style techniques to your existing creative arsenal.

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Tutorial preview: Build Infographics in CS6

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    Thanks for sharing this information on how to create exciting styles by using new tools in Photoshop. Also thank you for sharing the link for Advanced Photoshop 102…

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