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Tutorial preview: Build a fantasy landscape

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Magazine previews, by Adam Smith

Master photo textures, Photoshop brushes and cg elements to create this post-apocalyptic scene

Post-apocalyptic landscapes overtaken by wild nature have a certain undeniable charm.

This makes them a pretty common request from clients in the matte paint world.

This tutorial shows you how to get to grips with this commercial style, giving you a head start in creating unique and believable scenes.

The image created goes for a more modern look, inspired by blockbuster movies such as I Am Legend
and the latest sci-fi hit Oblivion.

A combination of 3D and photography is explored, discussing how these can be merged to create believable looks. Digital painting plays a massive part in producing successful outcomes.

The reason for using CG assets is very clear. There are simply times when you will need something ever so specific that you won’t be able to find in any stock library.

In a situation like this, elements created in 3D software come in handy. For the purpose of this tutorial, you’ll use a couple of additional applications, namely Autodesk Maya (totally optional) and freeware DAZ 3D.

Adjustment layers also play a major role in this tutorial, as you use them to merge your elements. You’ll also be required to paint digital ‘patches’, additional foliage, detailed textures and create the right mood that will eventually result in a realistic post-apocalyptic scene.

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Tutorial preview: Build a fantasy landscape