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Tutorial preview: Blend graphics and photos

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Magazine previews, by Julie Bassett

Learn how to combine illustrative, painterly elements with an energetic photo

In this tutorial we will learn how to combine illustrative elements, such as paint-based textures and traditional linework, with a highly energetic photo, creating a powerful, artful illustration. We don’t need to do any real preparation with this style of image. Just dive straight in because, like working with paint, the creation process needs to flow from start to finish.

Inspiration for this kind of work comes initially from the photo itself, namely the high energy that it gives off. This should make us want to start playing around with effects such as paint-based textures and traditional elements, which are a sure-fire combination for success. No wonder it’s a popular treatment for a lot of sports-related illustration.

Photoshop is definitely the application of choice for this tutorial due to its flexibility, editing options and the speed with which we can start seeing results. We’ll also be using a number of custom brushes that are essential for working efficiently.

Read more in Advanced Photoshop issue 95, which is on sale from 19 April 2012 via www.imagineshop.co.uk.

Tutorial preview: Blend graphics and photos