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Techniques preview: Type explored

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Latest issue, by The Advanced Photoshop Team

We spoke with some of the top type creators to see what tips and techniques they could offer that might help you find your own niche in the type world

Techniques preview: Type explored

The word typography originates from the Greek words typos and graphe, meaning form and writing, and that, boiled down to its very essence, is what type is all about. It’s about finding structure and shape in the words we use daily, communicating your ideas effectively through the use of bold, defined structures. It’s the intersection of words and imagery, at least to Konstruktiv creative director Jean-Michel Verbeeck. “For me, the combination of words and imagery sees typefaces take the shape of their message – they become what is spoken and the vibe of the message is reflected,” he tells us. “You whisper with thin text, and you shout with bold. You sell chocolate with a dripping, crunchy chocolate type. It can immediately speak to the viewer.”

Finding new and unique ways to experiment with type can be difficult in an industry where thousands of new type images are produced every day, but with the right approach you can succeed. We sat down with Verbeeck and eight other expert artists to discover the secrets that can set you down the professional type path…

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