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Studio Interview preview: Hugo & Marie

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Meet the team behind Rihanna’s Unapologetic album cover

Hugo & Marie is an agency that has been working with a number of leading creative talents, across all disciplines, for nearly half a decade.

This is due in no small part to the reputation for quality and reliability that has been nurtured by the agency’s creative team.

Mario Hugo and Jennifer Gonzalez founded the company together early on in 2008. “I’d been working at a design agency called Syrup NYC, then as a freelance illustrator,” reveals Hugo. “Jennifer was working in fashion. We weren’t really interested in operating under any one roof, so we formed the agency out of a desire to collaborate with talented friends and individuals.”

Like many other agencies, Hugo & Marie began working fairly exclusively in print and illustration, and many of its artists still do.

“Some of our internal team has since evolved to working digitally,” explains Gonzalez. “We still love print projects, they just have to be right. Working digitally has offered our team the opportunity to experiment and expand into new territories. We feel strongly about a variety of work we’ve done that is suited to the web.”

However, when asked which visual qualities Hugo & Marie is renowned for, the duo are stumped. “We definitely feel each of the artists we represent share things in common, but we’ve never really put our finger on what those qualities are,” says Hugo.

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Studio Interview preview: Hugo & Marie