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Studio Interview preview: Ars Thanea

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Magazine previews, by Anna-lisa Saywell

We interview Ars Thanea, a creative production studio serving international clients and worldwide advertising agencies in the fields of CGI, print production, animation and illustration

Ars Thanea was founded in 2004 by Bartlomiej Rozbicki, Pawel Piotrzkowski, Radoslaw Krzepkowski and Peter Jaworowski. This team of artists started providing high-quality production services for advertising and entertainment industries, which hadn’t been seen in competitor works. “We wanted to make a difference and prove that with hard work and being fair to other people you can accomplish a lot in this industry,” explains Jaworowski.

Due to a commitment to this cause, Ars Thanea as a studio has excelled, producing quality work and adding value to everything it does. This is reflected in the team’s expansion, now including three partners and 46 staff members across two offices in Warsaw.

“We are also a part of an international marketing group called SYZYGY, with offices in Frankfurt, Hamburg, London and New York,” reveals Jaworowski. “Some of our more prestigious clients include Ubisoft, NVIDIA, the Discovery Channel, General Electric and Nike.”

The Ars Thanea team now includes project managers, producers, developers and strategists, who all help to continuously make the work produced better and better. “It’s not just about making things beautiful; it’s about producing products that are meaningful and work the way the client intended,” admits Jaworowski.

Having such a large team means that Jaworowski can handpick the best staff member for a particular task, allowing them to continue with what they are best at and leaving the rest to other colleagues. “Of course, when the workflow gets more extensive you need a bigger team to make it all happen,” he adds. “It’s essential that we all take care of the clients’ needs with proper respect and focus.”

You never know what kind of projects can drop into your lap or how the past experiences of your team members can help tackle these. “Most of the time, we use a full range of skills,” Jaworowski tells us. “For example, one of our 3D Artists, Patryk Habryn, was once working in the VFX industry in Germany, creating beautiful matte paintings for blockbuster movies.

He was able to implement these skills in one of our recent projects for our long-term client Ubisoft.” This saw Habryn produce a set of key visuals, including a huge, detailed to-scale matte painting for the new Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag project.

Studio Interview preview: Ars Thanea


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