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Reviews preview: Dell Precision M6700

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Magazine previews, by Adam Smith

We test arguably the most powerful mobile workstation in the world and question whether this the end of the road for the desktop computer

It has been two years since Dell unleashed a Precision Mobile Workstation.

The M6500 model, released in 2010 was ahead of its time and universally lorded for its specification, build quality and uncompromising approach to the traditionally underpowered mobile computer.

Since most modern laptops are designed specifically to be small, lightweight and affordable it is easy to fall into the mindset that mobile hardware is technologically impeded, with a surprising number of people thinking this is a generation behind their desktop counterpart.

There was a time when this was pretty much the case, but modern technology means compromises don’t have to be made. While Dell’s Precision range has always sought to buck the trend, the M6700 proves once and for all that these attitudes towards mobile computing are completely outmoded.

Having been outsold by its mobile sibling in recent years we’re fast reaching a juncture where the big-box PC is more likely than ever to fall by the wayside. With desk space at a premium stars of the mobile space, like the M6700 prove that their hulking chassis’, and noisy fans need not offend the eyes and ears of even the most demanding customer any more.

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Reviews preview: Dell Precision M6700

  • Armani

    Dell build a solid desktop relacement which seemly “Did NOT” get the true reviews it honestly deserved. This thing was and is physically heavy at around 10 pounds, but by all means a workhourse if there ever was one (thank you! Micheal Dell). I still run my three companies with my same Dell Mobile Precision M6400. I started with back in 2006. Yes, I said in 2006! The year I bought my M6400 on a dell account. Recently, I was lucky enought to find a pre-own Mobile workstation with a xeon processor , need I tell you back in 2006 they where major money in this computer build. But If I have my way, this Workstation will see six of seeven more laptops, come and go and it will remain the real money maker for my businesses. Yes, a brick that was desined to stand the test of time and let me tell you, it has!