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Resource Project preview: Digital Papercraft

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Magazine previews, by Adam Smith

Learn how to create geometric shapes with your own hands then perfect these in Photoshop

It’s hard to quantify what makes good digital art and how traditional media ties in with this. Its application was once perceived as an opposition to synthetic styles.

However, in recent times the pair became an inevitable coupling of creative resources, producing stunning mixed-media works.

At present, digital papercraft is trending and the appeal of this technique/style is apparent. Digital papercraft is both imaginative and playful, concerned with vibrant colour and expressive shapes.

Geometric styles are particularly popular, no doubt due to being highly accessible and ultimately retro.

So, in this Resource Project, we explain how to construct, shoot and edit paper craft elements, which can be used in our own digital artwork. We also talk to some professional designers who promote this trend.

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Resource Project preview: Digital Papercraft