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Interview preview: Engaging Editorial Illustration

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Magazine previews, by Adam Smith

Artist Vesna Pesic reveals how dedication to creativity led to a better understanding of the commercial arena, and tells us why Photoshop is so important when creating contemporary mixed-media styles

Vesna Pesic is an artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia, founder and head at freelance studio BECHA. She is an artist who is enriched by her experiences, which is one of the main instigators that led her to pursuing creative over commercial endeavours.

Starting out as a graphic designer, with an impressive portfolio reinforcing her aptitude for this method, Pesic soon found herself dissatisfied. She openly admits to struggling with the concept of curbing her creativity to supply a client’s demands. “I produced projects I couldn’t sign off and stress was at an all-time high,” she tells us. “That’s when I started doing personal work. It was completely different and very relaxing.”

Pesic ultimately embraced her love of creativity over more materialistic enterprise – a very bold decision that had a surprisingly adverse effect. “Eventually, people on the internet started to notice my work and commissions started to roll in,” she reveals. “I decided to quit my full-time job as an art director and become a freelance illustrator. I think it’s a pretty amazing change. Agency Machas is representing me helping to present my work to international clients and to establish my status as a free artist.”

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Interview preview: Engaging Editorial Illustration