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Feature Review preview: Crazytalk7 Pro

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Magazine previews, by Adam Smith

This facial animation package is as fun and easy to use, boasting a surprisingly powerful animation engine as well as support for both voice and text input

CrazyTalk7 Pro from Reallusion is a fun piece of facial animation software that accomplishes some impressive technical feats.

The product’s tagline, “Auto-animate images with your voice”, is a tantalising promise that must be seen to be believed. In the delivery of this seemingly outrageous claim, the program performs incredibly well.

Reallusion’s primary goal here is clear; develop a smart and powerful facial animation and lip synchronisation engine, then make it fun and easy to use.

It’s the perfect product for consumers who wish to create some talking heads of their own. The ease-of-use aspect of the program is very well thought out, and the package truly is simple to use.

The interface is clear, tight and unobtrusive. Aside from a few preview boxes that are too small, there’s nothing about the layout of the interface that would cause any concerns.

Icons are where you would expect them to be and clearly communicate their intended purpose, while the wizard-based workflow easily steps users through the process of creating a character and then assigning facial elements and movements.

The facial animation process can be applied to a library of available characters or to a custom design. The depth of CrazyTalk7 Pro’s library is one of its strongest features.

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Feature Review preview: Crazytalk7 Pro