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Feature preview: Work with selections

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Magazine previews, by Adam Smith

Master both easy and advanced image editing, using an array of Photoshop selection tools discussed in this resourceful feature

Selections are a core component of many Photoshop users’ workflow, appearing in both pre- and post-production phases.

Whether a retoucher, photo editor, matte painter or graphic designer, as a creative at some stage you will come across a process where working with selections becomes essential.

Photoshop has more tools to create selections than almost any other function, yet none go to waste. No matter what it is you are attempting to select, Adobe has succeeded in supplying you with a gamut of controls that are suitable for a range of users – from enthusiasts to professionals. In this feature we explore some of the more advantageous and downright cool examples.

We present both tool and technique application through examples supplied by a host of creative experts, all plying their trade professionally. With this specialist advice you’ll get a clearer insight into not only what selection tools do, but also what they are capable of and some of the best ways they can be applied to improve productivity.

We’ll also explore how selections can be combined with additional Photoshop options, such as colour adjustments, layer masks, brushes and more, to create exciting effects in your images. So read on and enjoy exploring the possibilities of Photoshop selection tools.

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Feature preview: Work with selections