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Feature preview: Secrets of Architectural Retouch

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Magazine previews, by Adam Smith

We discuss pro photo editing with industry experts, who show you how to achieve that perfect image for a commercial client

Welcome to the second installment of our retouch feature series, where we explore how digital artists apply their skills to architectural projects.

This approach is about aspiration, and is no different to other types of commercial retouching. Digital artists must present a client’s product – in this case, real estate – in a ‘perfect image’.

Employment in this field is based on the assurance that the quality of imagery will always be of a high standard.

Successful commercial images have excellent compositions and establish clear and appropriate moods. Clients look for images that enhance architectural design through light and shadow, ultimately, you must satisfy the client if your work is to be used.

The goal of any retoucher is to produce professional looks, but first you must understand the professional techniques that go into creating them.

Our industry experts show you how to master both. This feature takes a look at fundamental processes, such as compositing, light and colour correction, and working with 3D. There are many entry points in this industry and you can incorporate the skills taught here into your own workflow.

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Feature preview: Secrets of Architectural Retouch