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Feature Preview: Professional Retro Photo Effects

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Magazine previews, by Adam Smith

We take a look at the rise of retro photography and show how you can replicate it in Photoshop

It’s the sign of these strange times that we’re using our new technologies to make photographs look as old as possible. While photorealism and 3D imaging have marched off in one direction, a hankering for all that has come before is very much alive and well in the other.

Recently, design has witnessed an increasingly passionate love affair with the beautiful imperfections and considered simplicity of images of the past. We take a deeper look into retro imaging from the hazy vignette of Lomo photography to the nostalgic fades and textures that could give Nan’s photo stash a run for its money. We question why designers still find value in aged effects and explore how they’re used to create and enhance designs.

In the age of the digital darkroom, where just one click separates mobile phone and instant app users from a full range of faux effects, we ask how Instagram and similar phenomena have changed the scene and where that leaves you, the professional. Rather than writing off effects that take a second to mimic, we take a step into them, touch on the science of how they’re actually created and see how designers are mixing today’s creativity with yesterday’s imagery.

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Feature Preview: Professional Retro Photo Effects