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Feature preview: New Photoshop Tools for Touch UI

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Magazine previews, by Adam Smith

Our professional web designers share how they create commercial styles, using Photoshop CS6 and other software

The world of web design has always seemed a halfway home for Photoshop artists. Many dedicated web developers were likely to turn to alternative Adobe software, such as Fireworks, to create beautiful designs for websites. Photoshop was merely used as a supplier of elements.

In this respect, many web designer attitudes haven’t changed. However, Photoshop has refused to accept its lot in the web design hierarchy. It’s not only set out to become the best it can be at delivering stunning front end content, through unbridled creative tool sets, but to go one step beyond. With Photoshop CS6 production capabilities for web have fully evolved.

With new vector shapes and modernised options, improved grid systems, and true web colour support, realising content for online design has never been so productive. But Photoshop CS6 has also been inspired by the portable device revolution, subsequently fuelling better design for both tablet and smartphones.

In this feature we set out to explore the creative advantages of using Photoshop CS6 for web on mobile machines, the affect display sizes have on practising web and User Interface designers, and how new Adobe Touch Apps are looking to regenerate your creativity.

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Feature preview: New Photoshop Tools for Touch UI