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Feature preview: Expert type projects

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Magazine previews, by Julie Bassett

Well-known typographic artists share their best type projects with us and reveal the secrets behind their success

Typography is hugely important in the design arena, selling messages and products. It’s a complex discipline when being used commercially, with rules and regulations dictating things like readability and universally accepted dos and don’ts. However, breaking free from such constraints and creating art from letters and words can lead to some inspiring designs.

Here we have spoken to a selection of top digital artists who work with type, moulding and transforming it into works of art. They tell us how they come up with their designs, what their inspirations are and how they turn their ideas into reality. We also explore the technical processes that lie behind these images. While Photoshop is rarely the sole creator of such intricate designs – these examples make use of 3D software, Illustrator and even the humble pen and paper – it is the essential glue that binds the work together. If you want to try your own typographic designs, then read on and be inspired. We have tips and tricks from some of the biggest names in the type design arena, and if you turn to page 34, we have a full five-page tutorial from the respected designer Steven Bonner on creating electric type designs using layer styles.

Read more in issue 95 of Advanced Photoshop, available from 18 April via

Feature preview: Expert type projects