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Feature preview: Creative retouch tricks

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Magazine previews, by Julie Bassett

We find out the best retouching tips and tricks from the Photoshop professionals

We present a host of creative techniques supplied by retouch professionals that will help you to improve your own projects

Initial edits with Camera Raw

Professional beauty retouching is a sophisticated procedure, but its success goes beyond the technical process. An eye for detail and composition is vital in achieving quality outcomes. This is why many beauty retouchers will firstly pour over facial features, annotating areas for improvement, before even approaching visual effects, ie tonal and image editing, in this order.

“Camera Raw treatment is then very important for retouching. It offers more flexibility than 8-bit formats in terms of image colour,” explains freelance retoucher Gabriele Monte ( Many will complement production by activating this software inside Photoshop. Multiple conversions with this editing suite are highly advantageous, with retouchers doing several passes for skin tones, hair and eyes.

This creates a comprehensive retouch base. Opening your RAW file, you can adjust colours, saturation, brightness, exposure and much more. You can also choose the workflow options, like the colour mode of your image and its depth. “I always recommend working in 16-bit at 300dpi,” says Monte. “These settings will make the retouching work more flexible in quality.” As for the colour mode, he finds this subjective. “My suggestions are, if your image is to be published on the internet, use sRGB mode. If it’ll be published in print, use either ProPhoto RGB or ColorMatch RGB modes. I wouldn’t recommend Adobe RGB.”

Feature preview: Creative retouch tricks