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Create-the-cover tutorial preview: Lighting effects

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Magazine previews, by Adam Smith

Find out how to apply fire and smock stock and blend effects perfectly in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to shift colours to a red cast and apply fire effects to a model’s hair and the surrounding scene.

We’ll begin retouching the model before working our way through applying the colours and various fire effects, to the final image.

Before starting the project, make a collection of fire-related stock photos. This will make it easier to piece the image together, since getting it to look right can be like a puzzle. We’re using Photoshop because composing a manipulation in this style is most suited for the tools.

Photoshop provides. Having a graphics tablet is very helpful when blending images and painting. It’s not totally necessary, but it is more accurate and efficient than a mouse. Please bear in mind that this tutorial does not need to be followed exactly step-by-step.

Do what feels right and use some of the examples as inspiration for adding personal touches to an image. Also, do notice that the final result contains a bit more work than we’ve written about in the tutorial. Use the steps as a guideline and build off of them to make the image more unique and complete.

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Create-the-cover tutorial preview: Lighting effects

  • My opinion…this cover blows the roof off the dump! For that matter, every issue of AP is explosive and great. I can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow at Barnes and Nobles…assuming they have it.

    Great work.


  • Fred Gombert

    I couldn’t find the stock photo used for the creation of the cover and this tutorial. Do you have a link where we could download it ? I could only find a very small version of the stock picture on the “dreamstime” website (you need to pay to get a decent resolution)