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Blend type and photos

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Magazine previews, by Adam Smith

Master the skills to integrate bold typography with sensual photography

In this tutorial we shall combine typography and photography to create an engaging and bold illustration. When looking at the dancer in the photograph, you will see that the dancer’s body parts intertwine with the letters, while hard to decipher, are an intriguing reference to dance movements and choreography. Just like dancing can be interpretive differently to others, we shall use this as inspiration to create this illustration.

We must remember that dance is an expression of movement, therefore we shall create the type to wrap around the dancer, as if it was dancing on it’s own. One of the ways to create a striking image is to add contrast to a juxtaposition of elements. The dancer is meant to be quite sensual while the typography is quite rigid and sharp. This allows the illustration to become more engaging and let it play in the viewer’s mind.

Using Photoshop as our main editor for this demonstration is the best way we can play with colours and frame our typography to best wrap around the dancer. Photoshop offers us a quick and easy way to contour the typography and colour our dancer through it’s masking features and editing capabilities.

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Blend type and photos