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Tutorial preview: Create space art from photos

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Latest issue, by Julie Bassett

Learn how to create dynamic space art images in Photoshop using photo stock

Create your own exciting outer-space artwork using just stock resources and Photoshop techniques

This tutorial is going to show you a way to create a highly vibrant space battle scene using only Photoshop, and the help of stock images. Most of the famous sci-fi movies include an epic battle and it’s a good idea to get influenced by the professionals who are responsible for these scenes. Having such a battle in the orbit of a planet helps the viewer get an idea of the overall scale in space. With this tutorial you’ll learn how to create depth and action in order to bring the moment alive.

We’re going to create our own planets, eye-catching light effects, realistic nebulae, starfields and basically everything that makes space so special. Depending on your skill, you will be able to create the needed elements by yourself or have to look for alternatives on stock websites.

You know best what you can and cannot do. Experience in the field of 3D modelling is very beneficial here as you then have the ability to create your own ships and space stations in the pose and angle you finally want and need them. However, working with stock images, as we will be here, can still produce an impressive result.

Tutorial preview: Create space art from photos