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Tutorial preview: 3D Type Projects

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Latest issue, by The Advanced Photoshop Team

Learn how to merge urbanism and typography to capture the atmosphere of a city

Tutorial preview: 3D Type Projects

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck – the chances are it’s probably a duck. But one of the many things you learn in architecture is to avoid designing duck buildings, or buildings that look like the object they relate to. For example, if your client were a drinks manufacturer, a giant

bottle-shaped building would be pretty lame. My research explores the synergy between architecture and graphic design and the points where they blur, for example in electrographic architecture where built surfaces become subservient to the advertising billboards they display. If buildings can become billboards for words, couldn’t words become pieces of architecture? And an even more interesting path of enquiry would be to consider whether these building blocks of graphic design could be manipulated again to form electrographic architecture.

With cyberspace fast becoming the new reality and e-commerce the new architecture, could we reach a point where marketing is so critical that even the words themselves are used for advertising space? This is the inspiration for my image and the context for its abstract motifs. Using photo textures, I aimed to dynamically illustrate how such a future cityscape might look.

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