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Studio interview preview: Raw

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Latest issue, by The Advanced Photoshop Team

Get ready for our next issue with this insightful interview with UK-based studio Raw, who like nothing more than getting to know clients and understanding the target audiences, with the aim of creating memorable and relevant work

Interview with Raw Studio

Raw might be a small creative studio, but it produces some incredibly big projects. Over the last seven years, the agency has grown from two-man beginnings to a bigger team, and collaborations with creatives from all over the world.

The studio was started by Rob Watson, the creative director, and his childhood friend Steven Taylor, bringing together their design and business skills. Nowadays, Rob fully owns the company and the team’s studio space has also been upgraded, from a “teeny, freezing studio to a beautiful three-floored engine house” in Islington Mill, a converted cotton mill.

“We’re lucky enough to have plenty of space to be creative in,” says web developer Mike Stephens.

“The ground floor is warm and homely, with the first and second floors being light and airy with a modern feel. We’re also soon to have a fireman’s pole fitted, which we’re all very childishly excited about!”

Despite working from a building with so much history, the inside is most definitely set up for the future.

“We are very much an Apple studio, with the majority of us using MacBook Airs and external displays dotted around the three floors,” describes Mike. “We also use iMacs and have several Quad Core Mac Pros, which act as our internal servers. We’ve just set up our own private cloud and VPN service (ownCloud, an open source alternative to Dropbox), which allows us to work from home, mobile or tablets when we’re out and about.”

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