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Post-production tips from Advanced Photoshop 139 – Part 3

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Latest issue, by AprilMadden

Award-winning 3D artist Ahmad Turki explains the benefits of render passes in Photoshop post-production projects

Advanced Photoshop 139

Ahmad Turki is an award-winning 3D artist and he shares his expert post-production skills in issue 139 of Advanced Photoshop. Here he explains how render passes are an essential part of 3D post-production in Photoshop.

“Render passes, or render elements, are the raw elements generated by the rendering engine that are composited together for you into the final output render. Some of these elements are Lighting, Shadows, Reflections, Specular and Global Illumination just to mention a few. We can extract and customise these elements and put everything together ourselves in most post-production software that supports the compositing of layers. Going about it this way will give us much greater control over the look of the final result, as render passes can be used to select and mask colours and elements across multiple layers, allowing us to make granular adjustments.”

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