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Post-production tips from Advanced Photoshop 139 – Part 2

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Latest issue, by AprilMadden

Retouching expert Ricardo Thomaz picks his best tools for a perfect portrait retouch

Advanced Photoshop 139

Expert retoucher Ricardo Thomaz walks us through his post-production process in issue 139 of Advanced Photoshop. Here he explains his favourite tools and what they’re useful for.

“Tools like the Spot Healing brush, Clone Stamp tool and Patch tool are fundamental for retouching and removing noise and dirt. Use these tools when cleaning up the image, before applying other adjustments. Even if you’re working with a JPEG rather than a RAW file, the Camera Raw Filter is a very welcome addition to Photoshop’s post-production workflow. You can make adjustments using this filter, creating multiple layers of separate settings; the result will be completely editable. Refine Edge is a fantastic solution for cutting out hair. There are several ways to cut out hair, but this tool is the most effective and can be really useful when you want to fine-tune a mask. Use and abuse filters, they are there to help out, to facilitate all your work. Make several tests with them, play with all of the filters and you will learn a lot of things that you can do with them.”

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