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Feature preview: 20 expert vector tips

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Latest issue, by The Advanced Photoshop Team

We talk to an number of experts about everything vector-related, from what you need to know about creating and importing vectors into Photoshop to using the improved vector tools in CC

Advanced Photoshop issue 118 feature

Jeremy Young

Graphic designer Jeremy Young has been working in the industry for four years. He creates his vibrant portraits using Photoshop and the Pen tool almost exclusively: “I use the Pen tool in Photoshop for nearly everything in my artworks, as I enjoy its precision.

“Working in Photoshop allows me to directly experiment with other techniques and styles that I might have otherwise ignored if I was working with the Pen tool in Illustrator. I create my artworks by building up hundreds and hundreds of shapes of differing opacities, all created with the Pen tool.”

Cristian Eres

Cristian Eres is a graphic designer and digital artist. His vector-based designs stand out, as they use more muted colour palettes than the usual bright and bold colours of vector designs. These are effective and work with the abstract shapes he favours, though there are plenty of sparkles and special effects, which add extra punch. “When we have to work with vectors we normally use Illustrator; however, when we have to create lights using vectors, the best option is Photoshop.

“When I create my work with my style, I use vectors in Illustrator for making lines, adding colour, shadows and lights (using the Mesh tool) for each shape of the artwork. For adding special effects, I move into Photoshop.”

These are just a sample of what’s included. Read more in Advanced Photoshop 118, on sale at and from 23 January 2014.