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Advanced Photoshop issue 99 on sale now!

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Latest issue, by Adam Smith

The latest issue of Advanced Photoshop magazine is on sale from today

The latest issue of Advanced Photoshop magazine, issue 99, is on sale from today with loads of great content including:

How to use vector layers in CS6
Create a vibrant illustration using CS6’s new stroke and fill settings

New Photoshop tools for Touch UI
Professional web designers share the secrets of their success

Mechanical concept art
Learn to paint a futuristic tank concept

Edit lighting with Curves
Produce creative retouch images using Photoshop curve

Also inside…

Combating software piracy
Reader’s gallery
Interview: Vesna Pesic AKA BECHA
Exhibition: Desktopography
Resample with Photoshop Interpolation
Master striking typography
Build web galleries
Paint with blending modes
Creative retouching with brushes
Adobe Bridge CS6
Contact sheets in CS6
Project focus: Behind the scenes of book cover design
Design mono artwork
Trend focus: Displacement effects
Latest products reviews
Top apps for recording inspiration
Feature: What does copyright mean for digital artists?
Top 10 Studio essentials

Advanced Photoshop comes with a free disc, which includes:

Project files for the issue’s tutorials
CS6 video guide: Design a blog using Photoshop’s new tools
Illustrator 101: Essential skills video tutorial
High-res model photos for retouching practice
Gallery images, textures, fonts and more

Advanced Photoshop issue 99 on sale now!

  • Mahailia

    Hey Adam!

    I’m currently trying to do one of your tutorials from a mag called Illustrate with photoshop genius guide.
    the tut is called symmetry and shape. I cannot for the life of me figure out what you mean by “integrate edges”.WHAT IS THAT?!?!
    “apply a vivid light blending mode to your nebula then a layer mask, integrating edges.”
    step three.

    please help me?!!?

  • Adam Smith

    The word integrate would mean to blend seamlessly. By applying that blending mode the edges should no longer be visible.

    Hope that helps 🙂