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Advanced Photoshop issue 95 is on sale now

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Latest issue, by Julie Bassett

The latest issue of Advanced Photoshop magazine is available online and in stores from today

Advanced Photoshop 95 is on sale from today in stores or online at

Blend graphics and photos
Bring stock images and illustrated elements together harmoniously

Expert type projects
10 type artists share the secrets behind their popular artworks

Paint from photo references
Improve your digital painting skills by working from stock photos

Dodge & Burn
Everything you need to know about using these popular tools

Also inside…

  • First look at the Photoshop CS6 Beta
  • Studio profile: Gummo
  • Reader’s gallery
  • Exhibition: Hysterical Minds
  • Interview with Josip Kelava
  • Create electric type effects
  • Add drama with layer styles
  • Master commercial lighting
  • Silver skin effects
  • Remove digital noise
  • Pixelated web styles
  • How to mimic a bokeh effect
  • 3D postproduction in Photoshop
  • Abstract graphics
  • Latest products reviewed
  • Top 5 photo-sharing apps
  • How to improve your online portfolio
  • Top 10 online learning resources

Advanced Photoshop comes with a free disc, which includes:

  • 3 pro video tutorials
  • Abstract graphics
  • Portrait reference photos
  • Dust particle stock photos
  • Two free fonts
  • 50 custom brushes

Advanced Photoshop issue 95 is on sale now


  • Definitely worth a read considering the range of things being offered in this issue. AP never disappoints.

  • Wadesta

    Sounds worth it.. Cover looks great just wanna get it now :p