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Advanced Photoshop 91 is on sale now!

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Latest issue, by Julie Bassett

The lastest issue of Advanced Photoshop magazine is now on sale

Turn back time with a retro effects special in Advanced Photoshop issue 91, on sale now from the ImagineShop and in stores.

Advanced Photoshop 91 is on sale now!

Master retro effects
A series of tutorials showcasing different retro styles

Perfect your brushwork
Learn to paint realistic armour

Creative blogs
Set up and run your own successful blog

Unique web layouts
Create a simple one-page web layout

Also inside…
– Adobe Carousel
– Reader’s Gallery
– Intrinsic Nature Experiment 11
– Interview: Vasava
– Feature: Pro retouching secrets
– Tutorial: Displacement and break effects
– Trend focus: Retro neon
– Tutorial: Master layer styles
– Tool focus: Healing tools
– Tutorial: Work with 3D type
– Group test: External hard drives
– Top 10… Displays

Each issue of Advanced Photoshop comes with a free disc, which includes:
– Tutorial files for the magazine’s workshops
– 90 mins of expert image-editing video tuition
– 20 high-res stock photos from Fotolia
– 100 brushes and 20 textures
– Inspirational Photoshop artworks
– Book sample and associated resources from Go Media

  • brovic

    it looks nice but it seems to have lost alot of information, or user friendliness even tho it appears to have a cleaner more organized look. just one example is i have been looking for 20 minutes now and cannot seem to find where to download the tutorial files for when you have lost your cd for the mag issues. there doesnt seem to be direct links to anything unless it is to the gallery.

  • We are looking at the tutorial files issue at the moment – teething problems! They are still on the site, but we will update with a direct link from the home page soon.

    For now, use this link, changing the issue number to the one that you need and you will be able to access the tutorial files:

    This will be sorted shortly, so apologies for that oversight.