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Advanced Photoshop 86 on sale now

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Latest issue, by Julie Bassett

The latest issue of Advanced Photoshop is on sale now

Advanced Photoshop 86 on sale nowAdvanced Photoshop 86 has hit the stores and our online shop (, showcasing a stunning metallic silver finish courtesy of

Advanced Photoshop 86 on sale now

Photoreal portrait painting
Create the stunning cover image with our expert tutorial

Master selections
Design a funky event poster using coloured selections

Dramatic cityscapes
Build an apocalyptic city scene from photos

Global advertising styles
In-depth look at commercial trends around the world

Also inside…
– Photoshop World preview
– Reader art showcase
– Explore the Shadowness collective
– Debate: Should you ever work for free?
– Studio Output interview
– Focus on street art styles
– Create a Photoshop composite
– Twitter backdrop creation
– Feature: How you can benefit from design collectives

Your free Advanced Photoshop CD offers:
– 50 high-resolution stock images
– Essential project files
– 30-minute architectural rendering video tutorial – part 5 of 5
– Resource pack with more photos, brushes and textures
– Inspiration from our online gallery site