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Advanced Photoshop 76 On Sale Now

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Latest issue, by The Advanced Photoshop Team

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Advanced Photoshop 76 On Sale Now

In this month’s issue:

Expert Tranformations – master manga-style portraits with the Liquify and Transform tools. Recreate our amazing cover!

Top 10 iPad Apps For Creatives– we celebrate ten of the iPad’s most useful and creative apps for those who need to design on the go

The Art Of Graphic Novels – pro artists explain how Photoshop helps to create modern comic styles

Create a Digital Matte Painting – compose a photoreal matte for use in films and videogames

Play With Shapes – work with abstract shapes and stock imagery to create a striking illustration

Graphic NovelThe Art of Graphic Novels

From the boom of the Thirties, through the subversive underground comix scene and popularised graphic novel period of the Seventies, to the blossoming scholarship of the Eighties, the comic industry has been in constant flux.

Currently, it’s a case of ‘with great creative power comes great responsibility’. Present professional comic artists are not only depended upon to evolve styles but also to conform to esteemed iconic characters and settings. These must be consistent at all times with how editors and art directors see these.

But if editors and art directors are upholding the standards of iconography, who or what is setting the standard for applied methods?

This is what we aim to discover in this feature. With our professional artists working on a range of projects for DC Comics, Marvel and Radical Publishing, they share with us how to get a head start, and develop the right styles and attitudes that will ultimately help you to become a canny comic creator.

We’ll explore a catalogue of topics, such as examining modern publishing formats, matching precursory and contemporary design tools, essential industry conduct, and insider techniques and tips. This overview from ranking professionals will serve as a comprehensive guide, enabling you to evolve your own sequential art skills and mindset.

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Play with shapesPlay With Shapes

In this tutorial we will be discussing how to create a balanced abstract image. What you will not see in the following pages are all the mistakes that were made in the process of creating this work.

We mention these mistakes because they are an essential part of the creation process. When someone creates an abstract image they will never get it right the first time. The process is all about trial and error so please keep that in mind as you read through these steps.

The essence of abstract art is movement – movement of your hand, your eye and every element within the artistic space. Balance within an abstract artwork is not a simple one-to-one ratio as it might be on a scale, but has more to do with finding harmony among elements which are individually vying for the viewer’s attention.

By allowing certain pieces more prominence over others, you guide the viewer’s eye purposefully through the work without becoming lost or stifled.
Experimentation is always encouraged in Advanced Photoshop tutorials but it is advocated even more so here.

There are an infinite number of harmonious combinations that can be created with the elements and techniques contained in this Masterclass so don’t feel as if you are limited to just this composition. The fact that we are combining 3D render elements with 2D stock and PS techniques opens up a world of possibilities…

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iPad Apps - Top 10Top 10 iPad Apps for Creatives

(Read more in issue 76 of Advanced Photoshop magazine…)

There is no doubt that the iPad has become this year’s must-have executive toy, but its agenda goes far beyond mere novelty and, for the design community, the iPad has become an essential creation platform. Within this feature we celebrate ten of the iPad’s most useful and creative apps for those who need to design on the go.

Photoshop Express

Utilising the simplest of gestures to make huge differences, Photoshop Express is a one-stop editing shop for photo enthusiasts on the move.

Despite rumoured problems between the two heavyweights of industry, Adobe – with its pedigree for producing design and photography

app masterpieces – has harmonised the best of what it provides with the tour de force of Apple’s elite engineering; resulting in a union of supreme technology that satisfies amateurs through to professionals. Photoshop Express on the iPad is one such dazzling feat, providing the ultimate portable edit studio for photography- crazed enthusiasts thanks to Adobe’s piquant palette of editing features. Here users can employ an array of enchanting assets to transform mundane captures into fascinating creations.

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Matte PaintingCreate a Digital Matte Painting

The aim of this tutorial is to create a digital matte painting consisting of multiple photographic elements.

We will learn how to use a large number of different images, blending them together and creating the illusion of a single photo, using only Photoshop. It will require a high attention to detail, bearing in mind that we want a photorealistic result. Although there will be some painting involved, we will be concentrating predominantly on the use of stock photos.

The final image will be a breathtaking Mediterranean coastline, based on pictures from the beautiful island of Capri, Italy. Our primary focus will be handling composition, perspective, colour and scale – the key elements of any illustration worth its salt. We will also point out the common pitfalls that come with using stock photos and, of course, how to avoid them or, if working retrospectively, fix them.

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