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Why you should buy All About Space

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General, by Adam Smith

All About Space is the magazine for stellar enthusiasts!

Why a magazine about space?

Because space is massive! In fact, the market for space, science and knowledge has never been stronger

Over 9 million people now tune in to watch TV shows like Wonders of the Solar System and Stargazing live

Both Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe reached number 1 in the UK iTunes chart reports that telescope sales are up by 900%

Space and science are the hot topics of the moment and this magazine is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this exploding and lucrative market

What is All About Space?

All About Space provides expert authors, mind-blowing photography and full-colour illustrations to bring the amazing universe around us to life

Delivers fascinating articles and features on all aspects of space and space travel in a style that’s relevant, engrossing and easy to read

Inspires a sense of wonder and excitement at the universe around us in a potentially huge, knowledge- hungry audience

Who are the readers?

Any of the millions that enjoyed the likes of Stargazing live or The Wonders of … series

Science and technology fans with a passion for space and space travel

Affluent parents who encourage learning and discovery in their children

Kids hungry for inspirational, exciting and educational information

Buy your copy of All About Space now, from the Imagine Shop.

Why you should buy All About Space