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Website wonder: I Make My Case

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, by Julie Bassett

Get creative with the work of others – or upload your own – to create an arty case for your mobile device

I Make My Case takes the images of leading artists and breaks them apart into individual shapes and objects that can be arranged onto the case of an iPod, iPhone or BlackBerry. Firstly, pick your device and then choose the work you like the look of by cycling through cases. With each case comes a choice of backgrounds, spray-on elements and various effects such as symmetry, colour overlays and a kaleidoscope design.  All of which enable you to work with a number of shapes designed by your chosen artist to ‘spray’, resize and rotate around the case’s template.

Compose a case in any way you please using the arty elements. Cases can then be saved for editing later, or you can proceed to the checkout to buy your final layout. The site itself is great too, with lots of graphics and moving doodles appearing and running away from you as you move the cursor and hit links. It’s loads of fun playing around with designs, and soon gets addictive… even if you don’t own any of the three devices! Cases cost $40 and are made from a tough, flexible plastic called Lexan that’s wear-and-tear resistant. Explore for yourself!

Website wonder: I Make My Case