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Tutorial preview: Professional portrait retouching

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Strike a balance between natural beauty and perfection with expert techniques and lighting adjustments

Portrait retouching is a delicate skill, one that demands a careful balance between enhancing beauty digitally and ensuring that the portrait stays believable.

Tutorial preview: Professional portrait retouching

But this tutorial will show you how to master it like the pros. I personally prefer it when the retouch is not too obvious and the identity of the photographed person is maintained, so here you will learn how to enhance the natural beauty of the model rather than create your own.

The first step of a good retouch is a good development. You will find the RAW file on the disc, which you will need to open with Capture One, Lightroom, or Camera Raw. I personally recommend using Capture One, as I find this software very easy to use. When you open the file, you will immediately see that the right side of the model’s face appears darker than the rest. The idea will be to develop the image twice: one normal development with nice details and skin colour, and another development for the dark part of her face.

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