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Tutorial Preview: Photoreal Effects

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General, by Anna-lisa Saywell

Learn to blend and composite images from different sources to create a dynamic race scene

Tutorial Preview: Photoreal Effects
Enhance your compositing skills and learn how to create a photoreal image with this tutorial. You will be taken through all the phases right from inception to completion, learning new techniques in the process. This will also open avenues for new methods of approach and execution.

You will start by aligning your assets, followed by cutting the car and brushing in the shadows. You will also be taken through removing objects and extending sets, as well as converting daytime scenes to night and converting static imagery into a dynamic shot. You will learn to add visual effects such as smoke, water splashes, reflections, colour, leaks and rain. We will also take you through adding subtle details such as lights on buildings and improving contrast and shape.

Amidst all the Photoshop tools available, the most important tool will always be your eye. It is not about punching numbers to obtain the right effects; there is no standard formula. Use your eyes to determine if you need to add or remove elements, or if the composition is okay as it is. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a better understanding of compositing assets to create striking visual imagery.

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