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Tutorial preview: Master portrait illustration

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General, by Anna-lisa Saywell

Create this colourful and dynamic portrait illustration by teaming up Photoshop with Illustrator

Working cross-platform can often create some of the most interesting and unique results. Combining programs means you can get the best from each of them, mixing and matching tools and techniques to create some really unusual mixed-media styles.

Tutorial preview: Master portrait illustration

When it comes to programs in the Creative Cloud that are regularly teamed up, it seems to be Photoshop and Illustrator that are the most popular choices among digital artists.

This tutorial will show you how to create a bright and colourful portrait image, working from a photograph to first create a sketch in Illustrator and then add splashes of colour in Photoshop.

Before you start, have fun sketching lots of different portraits on paper. It’s important to understand shading and colour, and which details have the biggest impact on your portrait.

As you progress, you will see that the eyes are often the trickiest part to get right, yet they are also the most important aspect of a portrait.

Study plenty of photo stock to ensure that you master their shape and shading, for a more engaging and convincing design. Don’t be put out if this takes you some time, though!

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