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Tutorial Preview: Cinema 4D and Photoshop

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General, by Adam Smith

Incorporate a 3D text render into Photoshop to produce a striking poster

The image we’ll be re-creating here, Level Up, is my own experimental, semi-abstract,
interpretation of the common phrase used for reaching the next stage of a videogame.

We’ll aim to create and then convert a standard 3D render into a much more dynamic image. During the process we’ll be using Photoshop’s blending modes, adjustment layers and then finish with over-painting.

Creating the 3D text is fairly straightforward. Don’t worry if you don’t own 3D software yet, as there are several free and open-source 3D packages (for instance Blender, as well as trial versions of CINEMA 4D, 3ds Max and so on), which will help you get started in 3D design.

We’ll cover the basic stages of creating the 3D text. However, the 3D asset is already
prepared so you can jump straight into the editing.

During the tutorial we will touch on the Select>Modify function. This will aid in the removal of
unwanted artefacts when importing an image that has an Alpha channel attached, resulting in a much
cleaner and smoother outline.

We’ll also look at ways of unifying the colour between the render and the background to help give
a more natural appearance to the whole piece.

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Tutorial Preview: Cinema 4D and Photoshop