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Tutorial Preview: Action-packed composites

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General, by Adam Smith

Discover the art of piecing together static photos to create believable, action-packed scenes

Creating believable scenes isn’t easy, especially when you’re working from a body of different stock resources. However, in this post we’re going to learn how to correctly place and match a whole bunch of separate images, creating the stunning composite that we can see here.

We’re going to explore ways to colour-correct elements and methods for adding surreal effects, so that an image becomes eye-catching and, more importantly, convincing. We will also learn how to manually create sunlight and highlights, as well as match foreground and background elements.

Special effects are also addressed in this tutorial, and we will see how water splashes and waves can be created from scratch. This becomes simple when using the awesome power of Photoshop’s brushes, along with a few more expert techniques that are applied manually with the same Brush tool.

All the techniques covered here are fairly simple, so you will easily be able to apply them to your own work. The inspiration for this tutorial came from a rather interesting action sport involving a unit called ‘The Blob’. It’s a very entertaining and dangerous sport, so we wanted to capture not only how fun it is, but also the risk involved.

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Tutorial Preview: Action-packed composites