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The Top 5 online vector resources

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General, by Julie Bassett

Check out our Top 5 premium vector resources online

Vectors resources always come in handy when you’re looking to create large sized designs. These can be applied to many projects including web layouts, graphic design and even t-shirt illustrations for print. Certain themes are more popular than others of course – for example skulls, graffiti styles, grunge and ornate, and our own Top 5 include these and more, again raising the bar in both creativity and quality.

Go Media Arsenal

Go Media Arsenal have produced up to 20 themed sets already, at high resolution sizes and all royalty free upon purchase – so you can use them in both commercial and personal works. Sets can be bought individually or in bumper packs including over a hundred samples.

The Top 5 online vector resources


VisualFreaks assets are extremely creative, which is understandable when you consider they’re invented by a group of enthusiast designers, including the renowned Sorin Bechira. These resources not only include vector sets but also premium stock graphics that are photo, pixel and 3D-based, up to 3,000 x 3,000 pixels 300dpi resolution.

The Top 5 online vector resources

Vector Mill

With resource ‘crates’ uploaded monthly, Vector Mill assets are up-to-date and optimised for Adobe Illustrator CS5. These elements are perfect for creating logos, illustrations, web designs, and more! Icons, textures, patterns and brushes are all up for grabs, for as little as $15 per crate.

The Top 5 online vector resources


Kapitza are all about beauty, creating artistic bespoke resources that will appeal to illustrators. Artworks are bright, colourful and minimalist, featuring abstract graphic art and flower illustrations in bold colour compositions and compelling arrangements.

The Top 5 online vector resources

Design TNT

Founded as recent as this year, Design TNT are the new kids on the block, providing a website created to empower the design community in using creativity at its best. All designs resources are produced to a professional standard, and include  freebies. The majority of resources are subject to a minimum $9 a month subscription.

The Top 5 online vector resources