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The Top 5 photo-sharing websites

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General, by Julie Bassett

We compare the best photo sharing websites and see the pros and cons of online photo storage

Digital photographs mean that you can snap away without worrying about the cost of developing rolls and rolls of film. However, many of us have hundreds of snaps that we leave gathering digital dust on our desktops, never to see the light of day. The easiest way to share your snaps with friends, family and the world, is to use a photo-sharing website. There are loads of them out there these days and they’re easy to use and have loads of tools to control who can see your photos. Here we run down our favourite photo-sharing websites.


One of the best-known photo-sharing websites in the world and currently has over five billion images! You can sign up for a free account quickly and easily, and even use an existing Google or Facebook account to sign in. You can then upload and organise your images, use the Privacy settings to decide who can see what, join groups dedicated to those with shared interests and much more.

The Top 5 photo-sharing websites


This sleek-looking site has been growing rapidly in popularity recently. And no wonder… images can be uploaded and then shared via Facebook, Twitter and email, it offers unlimited backups and advanced privacy controls, including watermarking, and you can even sell prints and gifts to make a little money on the side. Unlike Flickr, however, it’s not a free service, but it is a low-cost way of having a website to showcase your work – the Basic package is $40 a year.

The Top 5 photo-sharing websites


We could hardly get away with not mentioning Adobe’s own offering. A relatively new contender in the photo-sharing arena, the free package lets you upload and share your photos securely. It isn’t the same as Flickr in that you can view other people’s images for inspiration, but you do get a sleek-looking page to invite people to view at your leisure. You upload using a modified version of the Photoshop Elements Organizer, and can sort, edit and share from your account page.

The Top 5 photo-sharing websites


This is a great website to visit even if you don’t have an account, as you can view some amazing images from other users, organised by category, photographic styles and trends. There are competitions to get your creative juices going, you can host thousands of images securely and you can access the site from your mobile. A great site if you want to get your photos out into the wider web, as people can rate your photos, leave comments and even embed links into their own sites to share your great image!

The Top 5 photo-sharing websites


This is a well-known site for private video hosting, but it also offers photo-sharing capabilities too. There are both free and pay-for accounts, depending on what you need from your service, you can organise images into albums and print photos directly via Kodak. You can add friends as you would on a social networking site so that they can access your images. Images can be uploaded using DropBox.

The Top 5 photo-sharing websites