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Tips Feature Preview: 20 Type Secrets

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General, by Adam Smith

We bring you an inspiring collection of type projects along with 20 great techniques

Here is an example of one of our industry tips:

Building letters

Todd Fooshee (

With a bold font from the Avant Garde family as a base, Todd Fooshee set about building up a graphic type by adding hundreds of very small birds to his project.

“The font is clean, easily readable and has a really thick, sturdy look to it [that’s perfect for rebuilding] the forms with birds. I did some adjusting to the kerning and from there began to place birds all around the letters. [I kept] balance in mind, but really just placed them at random to build the words. In terms of the specific tools for this project, I used a pen and paper, a scanner and some basic features inside Photoshop. Without the Invert adjustment I would have probably had to go a different route. The layer groups were what really helped me out the most, just to stay organised and keep things in order. After I finished the letters, it came down to building a background texture, which I did by combining a few images using different blending modes then erasing [areas] and using some texture brushes. I applied some of the bristle brushes with my Wacom tablet to add the slight vignetting around the top edges and then toned it down a bit with some blending modes. There is also a lot of copy-and- pasting work at the heart of this piece.”

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Tips Feature Preview: 20 Type Secrets