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The LG 21:9 Curved UltraWide IPS monitor – perfect for artists and graphic designers

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LG’s 34UC97, panoramic curved display powered by QHD resolution, brings the future of immersive view to you

Even if you’re not an artist or a graphic designer, your computer monitor is probably one of the most-used pieces of technology in your house. So just imagine the life of an artist or graphic designer…The importance of a good monitor is paramount, and the LG 34UC97 is tailor-made for anyone in search of quality.

Curved widescreen takes over dual monitoring

The new setting gives ample display for anyone; find yourself more focused, away from distractions like having to switch your gaze between two monitors back and forth.

Take your work to a new dimension

The 34-inch, 21:9 space is extremely spacious. On top of that though, the QHD resolution of 3440×1440 creates a dense, crisp display that you are able to view so much more on!

The 34UC97 stays true to the colours you see on the paper

The 34UC97 achieves color space of over 99% sRGB. It belongs to a bracket of the highest end monitors, and you can rely on 34UC97’s color output when making judgment call on how the image would come out of the printer.

Let the product speak for itself

With the 34UC97, you can transfer files whole lot faster, scan through images more efficiently, and smoothly move unto image editing phase, while not having to worry about colour inconsistency. But why not try the product yourself and immerse yourself in the world of visual comfort and colour consistency?

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