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TEN Collection Season 2 presents Lydia Baillergeau

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General, by Adam Smith

Festive animation paying homage to inspiration and the creative process

Lydia Baillergeau is an American film director and motion designer who brings us the next exciting instalment in Fotolia’s TEN Collection season 2.

Her image is an unprecedented festive animation paying homage to inspiration and the creative process.

TEN Collection Season 2 presents Lydia Baillergeau

Inspiration is key in Baillergeau’s work. As a talented motion designer, she discovered her love for drawing at an early age, falling in love with Monet. “I was totally captivated by his paintings and his sense of light,” she reveals.

Cinema and music also inspire her  massively. “A musical sequence, lyrics or an album cover, everything inspires me in music,” she explains. “I often stroll through the shelves of music stores in search of typographic inspiration.”

Baillergeau creates her art using a structured method. From the initial concept to the actual animation, several steps are necessary to give life to her project.

She uses the main storyline as her guide throughout the creation: “Patience, perseverance, a desire to communicate an idea and evoke an emotion—it’s not just about making a pretty design. A great design tells a story.” From there, she meticulously creates a flow chart for every step of the creation, where she outlines every artistic choice and builds it around her base concept.

For TEN, she chose a series of festive, and even humorous images to represent the creative process that takes place over the course of an evening of work.

“Here’s to staying up all night… to starting all over again,” the video says. “Creativity and being inspired are really magical things to me, so I attempted to depict this feeling through the use of bright colors, twinkling stars, glowing lights and ethereal imagery,” says Baillergeau.

Animation sequences in Flash, Illustrator files and a 3D sequence were used to create this highly-colourful motion design. “To add a natural texture to the canvas,” she adds. “I added Alpha and Luma mats in After Effects. I love exploring these styles in my transitions.” 


Two videos, with subtitles in 12 languages, were filmed in the United States. One, which presents her personal inspiration, influences and daily life will be available on TEN’s  page as of July 26.

The second one, in which she shares her artistic techniques and step-by-step creation process, will be available on the TEN release day, Friday, August 9 2013 on

The Illustrator and After Effects files for “Toast to inspiration” will be available for free for 24 hours on Friday, August 9 2013