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Studio Interview preview: DKNG Studios

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General, by Adam Smith

We interview the founder of DKNG to discover how this Los Angeles-based studio is fusing the creative realms of illustration and design

Like many other studio start-up stories, this one begins with two college friends who took very different paths before teaming up to form their own design studio: DKNG.

Founder Dan Kuhlken studied graphic design, aware that this would eventually lead to an artistic career.

Nathan Goldman, however, focused his energies on both graphic design and art direction before working full-time at DKNG.

So the pair collaborated in the field of design while their nine-to-fives kept them apart. This is how they encountered a career-changing opportunity.

“We came across the chance to create posters for the Troubadour, a world famous venue in Los Angeles, California,” Kuhlken tells us. “Together we built a large portfolio of posters for them, over the course of a couple years. Eventually, this caught the eye of potential new clients and our career has continued to flourish since then, one project at a time.”

DKNG is now known for producing high-quality graphic design and illustration. Its services also
include brand and identity development, web design and development, packaging design and apparel

From this, it becomes apparent that Kuhlken and Goldman have a special interest in operating in
the entertainment industry.

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Studio Interview preview: DKNG Studios