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Samsung Galaxy Camera review

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General, by Adam Smith

Is this camera and Android phone hybrid a cheap gimmick or a creative cornerstone?

A great photo can easily become the foundation of your digital art created inside Photoshop.

A competent camera is a must when recording your inspirations and collecting photo resources.

Samsung’s Galaxy Camera is the latest option from an ever-expanding field of camera choices.

Samsung Galaxy Camera review

This is essentially a cross between a compact point-and-shoot camera and an Android phone – a hybrid device that presents itself as the future of photography. For the most part it delivers.

Packing so much exciting technology into such a small device means Samsung has had to make some compromises.

The 4.8-inch HD screen is a great alternative to the traditional viewfinder, but has left the camera feeling a little over-sized, affecting comfort when handling.

The shaped grip on the right does help slightly, but it could do with being more pronounced if you’re to rely on it for some one-handed, spontaneous shooting.

Fortunately, the camera goes on to justify its price tag with the included functionality. Combined with a built-in flash, it held up well in low-light situations and really thrived when there was a lot of natural light to work with.

We felt confident enough when shooting, with the Galaxy Camera’s Auto mode switched on to take care of all the necessary settings.

Samsung Galaxy Camera review

But those who strive for perfection can specify looks using the full set of shooting options, including ISO, Aperture and shutter speed, in Manual mode.

The killer feature for digital artists has to be the fact that the Galaxy Camera runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This opens it up to a wealth of creative apps, including Adobe Photoshop Touch, meaning you can edit straight out of the camera.

This also means you can snap and share an image instantly through a host of useful utilities, including Dropbox. This has an automatic camera-upload feature, ideal for getting those all-important shots back to your colleagues at the studio when you’re on the go.