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Rik Thwaites on the Dell Precision M6700

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General, by Adam Smith

We interview Dell’s Workstation Product Technologist, Rik Thwaites and discuss why the M6700 is the device for Photoshop users

Rik Thwaites on the Dell Precision M6700Which technical innovations included should digital artists get excited about?

A number of advancements have been made since the last release. We have a wider range of next generation professional graphics and much faster 1866 MHz memory.

Also there is a breadth of expandability and storage options, which can see up to 2.8TB of storage if needed.

We are also the first to offer NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro support for Adobe Photoshop working in 3D graphics.

What sets this laptop apart from direct competitors?

We have designed the Mobile Dell Precision Workstation with the needs of creative professionals in mind, with a vast amount of configuration options to meet diverse requirements.

Where colour accuracy is of the utmost importance, creative professionals are benefiting from our IPS RGBLED displays, which provide more than 100% of the Adobe colour gamut.

This is something that isn’t achieved on Apple’s Retina display.

What does your official endorsement of design software mean for creative consumers?

It is of the utmost importance that a workstation be certified for the top professional software applications, from industry leaders Adobe and Autodesk.

Because of these certifications, someone can buy a Dell Precision workstation safe in the knowledge that it has been tested and is compatible with the software suites they need to get their work done.

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Rik Thwaites on the Dell Precision M6700