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Resource Project preview: Produce screen print artwork

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General, by Adam Smith

Explore ways to create retro looks both the old-fashioned way and using digital software

Manual craftwork has never been so popular, as print designers indulge in classic techniques and promote retro styles.

Screen printing seems most popular, with a host of illustrators producing inspiring posters and apparel based on popular culture references.

Just check out sites such as for evidence.

However, digital illustrators have embraced these trends too, using software in ingenious ways and replicating the layering process inside of Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

These designs can be instantly packaged and sent directly to the printers.

In this Resource Project, we approach both means. We start with advice from, who explore the screen print setup and show how design is produced by hand.

Advice on how to import physical products into software for post-production editing follows.

The article ends with illustrator Chris Parks aka Pale Horse ( revealing the exact techniques for producing entirely digital screen print design in Photoshop.

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Resource Project preview: Produce screen print artwork